About Chi Baby

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The Birth Story…

My name is Jessica Foch and I am the founder of Chi Baby Concierge.  In 2012, I was inspired to launch my company after working as a nanny and sales associate at a local baby boutique.  I saw that many new parents lacked experience caring for newborns and have not been exposed to the baby product revolution.  Then in 2014, I became a certified birth doula through Doulas of North America International.  I put this practice to work partnering with the Chicago Volunteer Doulas, a local organization providing labor support to women in vulnerable communities. In 2016 I became a Certified Nursing Assistant.  I currently work as an OB and Surgical Tech in the Labor and Delivery and Postpartum Unit at a Northwest Side Chicago hospital.  By the end of 2018, I will be a Register Nurse having earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  My long term plan is to continue to cultivate Chi Baby Concierge and further my nursing career in advanced practice. 

These life events have evolved my mission at Chi Baby Concierge. I want to help perplexed moms and dads get educated on newborn lifestyles, birth, and enhancing the overall experience of parenthood. When you are expecting there are plenty of other things to worry about. Let Chi Baby Concierge ease some of your tensions.  My Parent Prep provides an array of customized services including; registry planning, birth coaching, home safety assessment and baby proofing, nursery design, as well as many other personalized concerns.  So please do not hesitate to start preparing. The sooner I can help, the more relaxed you will feel, and the happier your baby will be.